Thursday, 6 March 2008

How not to be creative

So the new job is really challenging my creativity skills, I was looking for ideas and new ways to present information, and I found this video. Very cool and enjoyable. It stopped me going and getting that Mac :). ill stick to my trusty ubuntu.

This guy is really making sense, and is echoing alot of the thoughts and issues that I have found working in the software community. I remember one project where an architect who was working in the billing and CIO part of the buisnes and I sat down and tried to work out how to do somthing. Well we came up with an idea I combined a couple of technologies with a couple of his technologies ... and we had a very simple way to pay for TV channels. but! my division and his division did not want to work together so although we made v1 a success v2 never happened. He left the company and so did I. The important thing is this. PFE - Proudly Found Elsewhere not Not Invented Here.


Jeremy said...

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs.

Simon Elliott said...

that is an incredibly important point.
I also think good design goes right down to the smallest nut and bolt.

Elliott - a little more

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I am an architect with shed loads of familiarity in providing high profile consumer media, products and services. I conceive ideas, design and lead projects to create new consumer products. I love brainstorming ideas with marketing counterparts and creating future facing and innovative solutions. I have been responsible for high volume mass consumer market features where scale, reliability and the ability to quickly respond are of crucial importance.