Friday, 18 April 2008

why a high-tech innovation lead company cannot ignore SecondLife

1, the people
SecondLife is the most popular virtual world environment, the generation Y creative minds that it attracts are coding new streaming platforms, experimenting with new code patterns and making whole new languages, they are doing this because they enjoy it, this is the new high-tech resource pool, your competitors will draw from this pool, ignore these people and you will loose your commercial advantage.

2, the technology
The SecondLife grid is a contender for the worlds largest collaboration project, it is solving issues associated around fast data transfer, massive parallel processing and the distributed service that nearly all modern systems will face, their open source repository allows 100,000 developers to alter a single line of code to meet these demands, their automated build release and QA procedures are collaborative an easy, this is how future software projects will be run, this type of collaboration is the new school your competitors are learning how to deliver commercial projects using these tools and methodologies.

3, the business
SecondLife is only came to media attention in 2006 and yet it has already become the worlds 2nd largest online 3d brand it has a higher GDP than Israel, in the future training and education simulations will use virtual worlds, this will happen, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Samsung, Nokia, google, BBC, Accenture, Reutiers, Garnter, CNN, Disney, AOL, Warner are all announcing 3d worlds products. Virtual worlds and serious games are going to become a part of everyday life, in fact if you look around you will realise that they already are,

In 1977 Ken Olsen said “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home” 5 years after this I was exchanging games on C15’s with my friends, and Bill G’s MSDOS was finding its way into every office in the world.

Today’s 11 year olds are making avatar behaviours, functioning 3d machines and architectures, with the accelerated rate at which software and hardware products can be brought to market it can be expected that that consumer facing solutions will interface with a virtual world in some way. I would expect this to happen within 5 years. The high-tech company that looks to the horizion will surf this wave and have really good fun doing it, those that don’t will just have to do what they can to jump on the wave as it crashes around them.

note::i know that its a misquote !

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