Friday, 31 October 2008


Ive recently been asked to give my thoughts on a web site for a famous chicks shoes store. My thoughts were ..

  1. Have a good favicon
  2. News as an RSS feed (will help make the site stick for enthusiasts)
  3. Add a picture of the designer to the wikipedia article
  4. Add a delicious/dig tag to the bottom of all new articles
  5. Get the designer to expose her delicious feed
  6. Get the people who
    make the shoes,
    sell them,
    sales team etc ... to start blogs and link back to her site
  7. Set up a you tube page and channel
  8. Do a head to head interview with the designer
  9. Add picture of the products onto google map
  10. Add some comments and video responses to the existing you tube posts,
    it better to have customers posting than a sales pitch from store manager

the important thing about chick buying shoes,
is that they buy them so that other chick scan see them wearing them,
the shop, and the shoe buying experience is an important context
but not as important as the bar or outside context,
the site needs more shoes in their natural habitat, on feet, causing envy.

the web site is about the dream of what the product does for you.
the store is about actually living that dream through physical product experience.

dont make a website about a store

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