Thursday, 22 May 2008

wiki recommendation

What do I recommend?

A deployment of JIRA confluence

What will it cost?

Arround £10k for unlimited users, both JIRA Confluence running on a 3 moderatly beefy boxs

Why this?

  • It is very easy to use.
  • It is very easy to create a new area for a project or initiative (called a wiki space).
  • It is easy to control permissions at a space or page level
  • The team collaboration features such as commenting, bloging and workflow are excellent.
  • It integrates with enterprise systems such as mail and active directory very well.
  • It provides an ability ladder for users
  • simple wysiwyg for you newbies
  • rich wiki mark-up language for experienced users
  • macro language for experts
  • Java plug in API for the hard core nutters who want to change their own features
  • It has a vast library of mainly free pluggins created the community that prove some really great features
  • You can export to word, pdf, excel, sharepoint and nearly any format, using the plugins library
  • It does calendars well
  • You can create galleries easily
  • You can have different themed spaces
  • A real strength is the JIRA integration which allows workflow, task tracking and automation
  • This has personal spaces and JIRA projects which are a great way to introduce a wiki
  • This is nearly Open Source, once you purchase you the licence you get source, which you can modify.

How do you get it going?

  • The boxes that this runs on can be either windows, solaris or unix, make this decision so that its easier for your support team.
  • You need three boxes in the confluence clustered architecture
  • This can be installed in this way in a morning.
  • Once installed it will need to be skinned, this will not take more than an afternoon
  • Get a member of the design department to give it a once over

How do we configure it?

  • Install it to these domains and
  • It must be linked to email, this is very easy if you have access to the email administrator
  • Logging in is a pain, it is easy to add this or the active directory or LDAP
  • Don't nail it down, try to hold back on securing it so that users can do as much as possible (obviously don't make everyone a member of admins).
  • Create a Wiki for the wiki, Create a JIRA project for the wiki, users can see and change the guidelines, they can also submit admin requests (using JIRA)
  • Make the members of the admin group multi-dicipline, have representatives of managers, creatives, network admins, support teams, developers etc ...

Other Recommendations?

  • When you deploy this you will be adding to the number of different information systems that are available to your collogues,
    this can be confusing, you can either
  • Enforce one system on all your colleges (good luck with this)
  • or try and bring all the systems together, good search tool will do this, what about one of these
  • Read this
  • and this

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